Remodeling your kitchen – Planning, Patience, and Time

People often ask how long it will take to remodel their kitchen. What many people do not realize is how the process works.

It is never too early to start the planning phase. It is a step-by-step process which requires patience and time (generally 1 to 4 months for the actual remodel).

Occasionally a customer will come in to our store to purchase a kitchen, expecting to have the materials delivered to their home that same day – an unreasonable expectation. So, it’s important to remember that a kitchen remodel, when done right, requires professional planning, patience, and time.


Steps involved in remodeling a kitchen

1. Finding a designer and contractor – Finding the right designer (see below) and the right contractor.

2. Information gathering – The designer works with you, identifying your needs and style preferences in terms of colors, wood types, door style, etc.

3. Design – A designer comes to your home to take precise measurements, then creates and presents to you a customized computer-generated design, makes any adjustments required, and finalizes the design with you.

4. Pricing – The final design is priced using a variety of product until a price is agreed upon.

5. Agreement/Contract – Product, design and pricing are agreed upon and you complete the purchase.

6. Waiting period – The designer places the order with the cabinet companies. While the cabinets are being constructed and shipped, the contractors will be breaking down the existing kitchen and preparing it for the new cabinets and design.

7. Delivery – The designer receives the cabinets and arranges a time to deliver them to your home.

8. Installation – Contractors install your new kitchen.


Factors that may alter the time frame:

1. Finding the right designer/Contractor

If you keep looking at large stores for designers, sometimes it will be hard to find someone who knows exactly what they are doing, or it may be someone who doesn’t make you feel like you are important. Some designers will tell you what to do, instead of work beside you in order to get you what you want and need. Contractors many times have specialties, and with how the economy is, many contractors will take any “type” of work they can. Which if they don’t specialize in kitchen installations, it can cause issues for you through this whole process, so do your research.

2. Making up your mind

Some people have no idea what colors, wood types, door style, etc that they want. It is important to get what you want, but the longer you take to make up your mind, the longer the process will be pushed back. Do research, look through magazines and search for the style and look that you want in your kitchen and this will move this whole process along much faster.

3. Design change

It is inevitable that you will want the design altered in some way once you’ve taken your first look. Yes, we are good at what we do, but we base our designs on our knowledge and on what we’ve already spoken to you about. Things will be changed to make it suitable for your needs and wants, however, the more you change the longer this process becomes. Especially if you change it over and over again.
Granted, we want to give you the perfect kitchen, but we only move as fast as you do on these changes. Which leads us into the next subject.

4. Pricing

The more you change your design, the price changes every time. We are not in this business to take as much money as we can from you, we are here to give you a great product, an amazing design, and make you a happy customer. However, we CANNOT give you the kitchen for free. It is not a cheap investment, but it is an investment. It brings your home’s value up. We will give you the best price we can, but there are still bills the need to be paid, so please remember that because this will take up time if you keep pushing to get a better price. We do understand that its a tough market, and we are aware of the best prices out there.

5. Agreement/Contract

The longer you take to put a deposit down and sign the agreements, will also cause the process to be extended. Once you’ve signed and given your deposit, the waiting period starts.

6. Waiting period

There is nothing that you, or us as designers can do about this part. Once your order is placed, the process of making them starts. Everything we order is “Made to Order,” which means nothing is “pre-made.” The best thing to do is make sure that your contractor is keeping in touch with us to make sure that he starts his work at the right time. If your contractor starts to late (which can and has happened) and we receive your cabinets into our warehouse, it means that you will be waiting longer to have it installed due to lack of communication.

We do have contractors that work with us, and that we recommend. Those contractors speak with us on a regular basis so that you don’t need to get in the middle. Contractors that we don’t know sometimes will not give us any information, which then means you are put in the middle trying to get your kitchen installed on time. This can cause you quite a bit of stress, and we don’t want that.

7. Delivery

We usually know about a week in advance of when your cabinets will be delivered. Once we get that information we contact you or the contractor to set up a delivery time. If the contractor hasn’t started work and will not be ready for them, they will be stored, but if they are held for over a month, there is another charge placed on it in order to hold it longer. This is why communication is so important, either with you or with your contractor.

8. Installation

The contractors that we work with on a regular basis are very knowledgeable and do amazing work. It is rare that we need to speak with them, or you, after the cabinets are delivered unless there is a problem with the products itself. However, contractors who aren’t as knowledgeable with kitchen installations can cause this already long process to be even longer. We give designs to the contractor for a reason, and the reason is for them to follow them exactly. If they don’t, it can cause a lot of problems, which is why its very important to do your research in the beginning to find the right contractor who has many references.

This is the process, and it can take a long time, but if you are prepared and know what the process is, then you can make this process move faster. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, either by leaving a comment or by emailing us at the contact page.

6 thoughts on “Remodeling your kitchen – Planning, Patience, and Time

  1. My wife and I want to remodel our kitchen but aren’t sure where to start. Just like you mentioned, we are having a hard time making up our minds about the floor and cabinets. We’ll have to check out some magazines for ideas like you suggested. Thanks for sharing!


  2. My wife and I are wanting to remodel our kitchen later this year, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how the more stuff you change during construction, the more expensive it’ll be. We’ll be sure to make up our minds and choose a solid design from the start so we don’t do this.


  3. Thanks for these tips for remodeling a kitchen. I’m glad that you said to try to make up your mind early so that the process doesn’t get pushed back. I wonder if you can have a list of features you want to keep yourself goal-oriented.


  4. Thank you for mentioning the importance of determining the look that the person wants the kitchen to have before hiring a professional to do the upgrades as that will make the process faster. I know that the longer I keep the remodeling contractors the bigger the labor costs get. That is why I will research first the kind of kitchen I want. After all, I haven’t really decided yet.


  5. Thank you for mentioning that the contractors will break down the materials in the kitchen even if the items that they ordered are yet to arrive. That will surely help me avoid panicking and overreacting. I would surely get worried if I saw the contractors breaking the kitchen if the materials are not around yet. I appreciate this.


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