Maintaining the ‘like-new’ look of your countertops

In addition to the post about cleaning cabinets, we are going to go over a little bit about cleaning and maintaining your counter tops.

These days, people usually have some type of stone, either manufactured (quartz) or natural (granite). Some have Corian/Staron or some other form of ‘plastic’ counter, and others have Formica (post-form/laminate) counters.

We will visit each type of counter top just so you know what to use and what not to use.

Formica: These types of counter tops are easy to maintain, the ability to use cleaning products is ok. However, this can dull the colors. As was stated in the last post (Cleaning cabinets) cleaning supplies, such as Windex, is made to break things down in order to clean. All that is needed to clean these types of counter tops are Soap and Water, if stuff is difficult to get off, cleaning supplies are ok to use.

Corian/Staron: Cleaning supplies can be used, but not in excess. Soap and water will keep them from getting dull.

Manufactured Stone (Quartz): Soap and water only. However, there is a very little extra maintenance.
Maintenance: People a lot of times stir away from stone because of the hype people say that stone needs to be “Sealed often.” This is a lie. It is sealed at installation. Sealing once a year is plenty. Though, a way to keep the counters looking great, its to use a buffer. It is like waxing your car, rub it on the counter, let it dry, then wipe it off with a slightly damn rag. This will give it back its shine. Do every few weeks for best results.

Granite: Again, only soap & water. the maintenance is the same as above.

NEVER USE CLEANING SUPPLIES ON STONE. It will dull and weaken the stone.

Contact us if you have more questions about cleaning your countertops.

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